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What Is a Monitored Security System?

A monitored security system is comprised of a variety of electronic sensors designed to protect your family and your property. When triggered, these devices send a signal using your phone line to a monitoring centre where an emergency operator will respond to each alarm appropriately.

All Summit Security security systems are easy to operate and can be customized to fit your home and lifestyle. Additional sensors and devices can be added for larger homes or those with special needs. We can install wired, wireless, or a combination of devices that best suit your needs. Not only does the system detect intruders, it can also monitor for smoke, flooding, extreme temperatures, and carbon monoxide.

To learn more, select one of our home security features below:

Security System Keypads

Simple and reliable.


  • Keypads can be installed in the most convenient locations
  • They allow you to arm your security system with a secured code
  • Emergency buttons let you call for help immediately
  • Backlit buttons allow you to see your keypad when it's dark or your power is out
  • Staying in? Stay mode allows you to be completely secure while you move freely inside.

Door or Window Sensors

Statistics of Break & Entry Points

1st Floor Doors/Ground Floor Windows       79%
Garage       9%
2nd Floor       2%
Other       10%

The Hakim-Buck Study on Suburban alarm effectiveness 1991

Summit Security monitors your home from the inside out. With our magnetic contacts and glass-break sensors, your home can become more formidable against intruders.

Perimeter sensors are important to your complete safety:

  • Located at points of entry and vulnerability such as doors and windows
  • If the door or window seal is broken, the alarm is triggered
  • Chimes can allow you to keep track of young children exiting and entering your house

Motion Detectors

  • They can be set to full sensitivity while you're away
  • They can be turned off automatically to allow you to move freely in your own home while keeping your doors and windows secure
  • Our motion detectors provide accurate detection while ignoring common false alarm situations, including pets under certain conditions.

Cellular Back-up

No phone service? Closing up the cottage for the winter? We have a cost-saving solution for you. The latest in security technology: Cellular back-up. Ask us for more information.

Warning Decals

Unwanted intruders can be deterred by strategically placing warning decals at entry points such as doors, windows and garages. Let burglars know that you are protected by Summit Security.

Alarm Sirens

Summit Security alarm sirens have two different yet very important roles: they can alert you and/or your family that there is trouble and they can scare away a probable intruder.

  • Alarm sirens are connected to all of your security points. For example, if a security sensored window is opened, the alarm sounds
  • Alarm sirens will wake everyone in the house in case of an emergency
  • A loud siren acts as the first line of defense in deterring an intruder from entering your property

Monitored Smoke Detectors

Keep your family and your home safe from the most dangerous intruder of all? fire. Monitored smoke detectors can protect your property and family from injury and loss, and bring a fire and rescue crew to your house in minutes.

  • They provide the best early warning fire protection
  • Once smoke is detected, a signal is immediately sent to our Monitoring Centre, which then notifies you AND the fire department
  • the evacuation siren will wake you and your family in the case of emergency
  • A monitored smoke alarm may entitle you to an insurance premium reduction of up to 15%

Carbon Monoxide Sensors

Did you know that Carbon Monoxide is the number one cause of accidental death in Canada? Every year this gas silently kills people as they sleep, emitting from faulty furnaces and other appliances, such as stoves and fireplaces. Because of it's colourless and odourless properties, it can go unnoticed and undetected by the average person.

How do these sensors work? When high levels of Carbon Monoxide are detected, Summit Security's Monitoring Centre is immediately signaled and in turn, alerts you and your family. They will also contact the authorites if necessary.

Flood, Sump Pump, & Temperature Sensors

Protect your home with Summit Security Flood and Low Temperature Sensors. A burst frozen water pipe, seasonal flooding or sewer back-ups can lead to unanticipated damages to your home. These sensors keep your home dry, and save you from costly repairs.

Flood sensors:

Flood sensors are installed in areas where floods commonly occur: the laundry room, kitchen, in the basement near a water heater or sump pump. The system sends a signal when rising water or overflowing reaches the sensor level.

Temperature sensors:

A temperature sensor sends a signal when it senses falling or rising temperatures. They can be useful in areas of the house such as basements and wine cellars.

Wireless Key

Waterproof wireless key. Convenient to carry with you at all times while in and around your home. Use the panic or medical button in case of an emergency. Programmable.