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Here are some tips to help you and Summit Security make the most effective use of your alarm system:

  • To change your Customer Profile including your Call List, fax or fill out our confidential Update Form or simply email us at
  • Always identify yourself with your name, system number and password when communicating with Summit Security or the Monitoring Station.
    Monitoring Station
    613-829-3844 Option 1
    toll free 1-855-506-3190
  • Confidentiality is important. Keep your System Number or Password private.
  • If you make any changes to your phone system i.e., add new features, always test your alarm system to ensure its functionality. See testing your alarm system for more information.

Always call Summit Security:

  • If you have ANY questions about the operation of your system.
  • If you are moving from or selling your house.
  • You are planning renovations that may hamper with or change your protection requirements.
  • If you are not sure whether or not your alarm system is working properly